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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth naturally start to yellow as a result of age, eating and drinking habits, and other factors. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it: professional teeth whitening at Walker Family Dentistry in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. The skilled dental team provides patients in the area with a variety of teeth whitening options, including custom whitening trays and in-office whitening treatments. As the most popular cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening is an easy way to make a not-so-bright smile become more brilliant. Call for an appointment or book online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What types of teeth-whitening treatments are available?

The team at Walker Family Dentistry offers several whitening options for your convenience and desired results. Professional whitening treatments provide the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time, so you can have a whiter, brighter smile, often after a single treatment. Teeth-whitening treatments are available as take-home kits with custom trays and as in-office procedures.

What are the advantages of in-office teeth-whitening treatments?

In-office teeth-whitening treatments have a higher concentration of bleaching gel ingredients than over-the-counter products, so results are immediately visible after a single treatment. You relax comfortably in the dental chair while your dentist applies a rubber dam or a hardening resin to protect your gums from any sensitivity. Your dentist applies the whitening gel directly to the surface of your teeth, and in about an hour, you’ll have a whiter, more beautiful smile.

In-office teeth-whitening treatments are ideal for men and women who want whiter teeth without having to invest the time and effort into an at-home treatment. While those are highly effective as well, they typically take longer to achieve the results you desire. If you have a special occasion coming up, or a busy schedule, in-office teeth whitening is an ideal solution to brighten your teeth several shades in about an hour.

What type of stains respond well to professional teeth whitening treatments?

Stains that respond best to professional whitening treatments include:

  • Yellowish or brownish-colored, darker teeth, as a result of age or heredity
  • Coffee, tea, and red wine stains
  • Tobacco stains
  • Dark-colored soda stains
  • Dark-colored food stains from eating foods like cherries and blueberries

Most organic stains respond well to the advanced ingredients in professional whitening products. Your dentist at Walker Family Dentistry examines your teeth and overall oral health and suggests the best type of whitening treatment for you.

What about gum sensitivity?

If you have hypersensitive gums and teeth, the solution your dentist applies to your gums before an in-office treatment should help minimize sensitivity a great deal. But, if you want to whiten your teeth more gradually, the at-home kits contain a lower concentration of carbamide peroxide — the active ingredient that whitens your teeth over time. Instead of the higher potency of the ingredients in the in-office whitening treatments, the at-home kit may cause less sensitivity, so you can still get the results you desire over a week or two.

If you’re concerned about sensitivity, talk to your dentist so they can recommend ways to minimize discomfort.

Which whitening treatment is right for you? Call to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online, today.