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A beautiful smile makes a difference in how you present yourself in social and professional settings, but a missing tooth makes it hard to feel confident. The skilled cosmetic dental team at Walker Family Dentistry in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, offers the latest technology and procedures for custom dental implants. Implants look, feel, and function most like your natural teeth so you can eat, talk, and smile with renewed confidence. Call the office today to schedule a consultation or book online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are custom-made artificial teeth that become a permanent part of your mouth. Whether you have one missing tooth or several missing teeth, implants replace each tooth individually and are often the next best thing to having natural teeth. Implants consist of a titanium “root” that your dentist affixes to your jawbone so it becomes a permanent replacement tooth.

The upper part of the implant — the crown — looks like your natural tooth in size, shape, and color, and is typically made out of porcelain or metal. This new tooth functions like your natural teeth and fills in the space where you lost a tooth from decay or trauma.

What are some of the benefits of implants?

Implants allow you to eat the foods you love without worry of your artificial teeth slipping out of place. Other benefits of implants include:

  • Help preserve your jawbone and keep it healthy
  • Are a permanent solution to missing teeth
  • Help maintain your natural face shape
  • Help prevent adjacent teeth from shifting out of place
  • Help improve oral health
  • Won’t slip out of place when you talk
  • Feel most like natural teeth
  • Are strong and durable to last many years
  • Aren’t susceptible to tooth decay and cavities

The team at Walker Family Dentistry offers the most recent, up-to-date technology in dental implants, so you can be sure you’re getting the latest materials and dental implant procedure, too.

Am I a good candidate for an implant?

To ensure the success of your dental implants, you need to have a strong immune system and good bone density in your jaw to support the new tooth or set of teeth. If you have one or more missing teeth and you are in good overall health, you may be a good candidate for implants.

Other factors that may affect your candidacy for implants include:

  • Uncontrolled periodontal disease
  • Smoking
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Fully mature jaw growth

The dental team carefully evaluates your oral health, overall health, and medical history before recommending implants to restore your smile. While most people are good candidates for implants, there are other restorative options available if this isn’t a good fit for you.

Learn more about how dental implants can improve your smile and your self-confidence by calling the office to schedule a consultation or booking online, today.