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If you've recently had a root canal procedure, you may be wondering how to restore your tooth's functionality and aesthetic. Luckily, the staff at Walker Family Dental can help you find a crown that's right for you.


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Consider a Crown for a Variety of Reasons

In addition to their use as caps after a root canal, crowns can also be used to attach bridges, cover implants and prevent cracked teeth from getting worse. Call us today to see if your condition applies.


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What Does the Procedure Entail?

Usually, the tooth for which the crown is being placed on needs to be reduced in size. From there, we'll take an impression of your tooth and have a custom crown made at one of our trusted labs. When we've received the crown back from the lab, we cement it in place and blend it with the rest of your teeth.


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If You Have Missing Teeth: Restore Your Smile With A Bridge

If you're missing teeth and don't feel dental implants are right for you, consider a fixed bridge. Bridges don't require special surgery, as they simply bond to your existing teeth and restore the natural contour and bite. For more information on bridges, contact us.



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